Workshops » SFB 491
INternational Workshop X
Thema: Magnetic heterostructures

Termin: 9. - 10. Oktober 2002

Ort: Internationales Begegnungszentrum (IBZ) - Beckmannshof, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Ansprechpartner: SFB 491 Sekretariat

Eingeladene Sprecher
Spin Structure and remagnetization processes

R. Röhlsberger (Rostock): Imaging the magnetic spin structure of exchange-coupled thin films
K. Temst (Leuven): Domain structure and magnetization reversal in patterned structures: the view from force microscopy and neutron reflectivity
K. Theis-Bröhl (Bochum): Remagnetization Processes of magnetic stripe arrays
P. Fischer (Stuttgart): Magnetic Soft X-ray microscopies to study magnetic microstructures

Spectroscopy and theory of magnetic heterostructures

T. Hase (Durham): Magnetisation reversal and morphology in transition metal multilayers
W. Keune (Duisburg): Atomistic Observation of Fe Spin Structures in Exchange-Biased Thin Film Systems
K. Schwarz (Wien): Density functional calculations with LDA+U and the WIEN2k code
T. Devolder (Orsay): The fabrication and characterization of nanostructures by He ion beam irradation and domain wall movement including dynamics

Spin transport

J.-M. George (Orsay): Spin-dependent transport in barrier tunnel junctions based on ferromagnetic semiconductors GaMnAs
J. T. Kohlhepp (Eindhoven): Spin-dependent transport in tunnel junctions: the role of the interface, electrode and barrier properties
S. F. Fischer (Bochum): Spin-dependent transport in ferromagnet-semiconductor nanostructure devices
G. Dumpich (Duisburg): Resistance behavior of single Co-Nanowires
G. Reiss (Bielefeld): Magnetoelectronic properties of thin films and nanostructures