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Within our SFB491 there are more than 20 PhD students, working with different methods and in different fields. The local distribution to Bochum, Duisburg and Jülich, however, limits communication and cooperation between the different groups. The aim of this seminar is to bring PhD students of the SFB491 together, stimulate discussions, and initiate future cooperation.

Ruhr-Universität Bochum,
Mensagebäude/Veranstaltungszentrum, Ebene 04, Saal 1

This room is directly below the Mensa and can be accessed by the elevator in the southern part of the Mensa hall.
Guideline for Speakers

Due to the large number of PhD students it is necessary to limit the time for each talk to 15 minutes plus 5 min for discussion. Talks may be given either in English or in German. A German talk with English transparencies may be a good compromise. Two or more PhD students, which work in close cooperation, may prepare and present together one common talk of about 30-40 minutes duration. Others may be interested not only in results but especially in methods or samples which are of potential use for their own work. Your talk should encourage others to cooperate with you.

For presentation a laptop and a projector are availlable. You may bring a powerpoint file on an USB stick or your own laptop with you.

The seminar is directly below the Mensa and the Cafeteria of the Ruhr-Universität. For lunch you can choose from a variety of different dishes (at your own expenses).

For dinner we plan to go to "Pasta - viva la mamma!", a restaurant in the city of Bochum (Victoriastr. 66-70).

To the homepage of the restaurant Pasta - viva la mamma!

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Please register by email.

If you have questions please contact:
Dr. Thomas Eimüller
Tel. 0234 / 32 23 648
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