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Seminare im Jahr 2011
Datum Sprecher Title Type Ort
8. Dezember 2011, 16:00 Uhr c.t. Prof. Dr. Gisela Schütz, MPI Stuttgart Magnetische Röntgenmikroskopie (Magnetic X-ray Microscopy) GeKo Bochum, NB 4/158
24. November 2011, 16.00 Uhr c.t. Prof. Dr. Peter Böni, TU München Chromium: Unraveling its intriguing properties Sem Bochum, NB 4/158
17. November 2011, 16.15 Uhr c.t. Dr. Florian Kronast, Helmholtz-Zentrum-Berlin Imaging magnetic responses of three-dimensional nanomagnets by XPEEM Sem Bochum, NB 4/158
26. August 2011, 10:00 Uhr (Sondertermin) Prof. Morten Willatzen, University of Southern Denmark Electromechanical Phenomena in Nanostructures Sem Duisburg, MD 245
08. August 2011, 16.00 Uhr c.t. Prof. Dr. Joe Trodahl, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Rare-Earth Nitrides: Intrinsic Ferromagnetic Semiconductors Sem Bochum, NB 3/158
21. Juli 2011, 16.00 Uhr c.t. Dr. S. Javad Hashemifar, Isfahan University of Technology Ab initio study of d0 ferromagnetism in some Ca based binary alloys Sem Duisburg, MD 349
steht noch nicht fest. Dr. Till Metzger, MPI Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces Titel steht noch nicht fest. Sem
14. Juli 2011, 16.00 Uhr c.t. Prof. Dr. Manfred Albrecht, Universität Chemnitz Modern Concepts and materials for magnetic data storage Sem Bochum, NB 4/158
12. Juli 2011, 12:00 Uhr Dr. R. I. Eglitis, Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, Latvia Ab initio calculations of SrTiO3, BaTiO3, PbTiO3, CaTiO3, BaZrO3, SrZrO3 and PbZrO3 (001) and (011) surfaces as well as Nb impurity segregation towards the SrTiO3 surface GeKo Duisburg, MD 349
steht noch nicht fest. Dr. Ivan Vartaniants, DESY Hamburg Coherent Diffractive Imaging and new developments with a new FEL sources Sem Bochum, NB 4/158
22. Juni 2011, 13.15 Uhr Dr. Michele Governale, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Hybrid normal-superconducting quantum-dot systems Sem Duisburg, MC 351
16. Juni 2011, 16:00 Uhr Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dr. Vijay Kumar Foundation, 1969 Sector 4, Gurgaon 122001, India Ab initio design of novel nanomaterials using doping and nanocoating GeKo Duisburg, MD 349
7. Juni 2011, 12.00 Uhr Dr. Michele Governale, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Quantum pumping in hybrid normal-superconducting structures Sem Duisburg, MD 349
01. Juni 2011, 15:00 Uhr Prof. Dr. Günter Reiss, Fakultät für Physik, Thin Films and Physics of Nanostructures, Universität Bielefeld Heusler thin films for spin polarized tunnelling and spincalorics GeKo Duisburg, MG 465
01. Juni 2011, 13.00 Uhr c.t. Prof. Dr. Christian Heiliger, Justus Liebig Universität Gießen Spin-transfer torques and thermal spin effects in MgO based tunnel junctions: Ab initio calculations Sem Duisburg, MC 351
26. Mai 2011, 16.00 Uhr Prof. Sergej Demokritov, Institute for Applied Physics, University of Muenster Control of spin-wave emission characteristics of spin-torque nano-oscillators Sem Duisburg
12. Mai 2011, 16:00 Uhr Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kunze, Werkstoffe und Nanoelektronik, Ruhr-Universität Bochum Ballistische Vollwellengleichrichtung – Überlagerung und Trennung von Transporteffekten GeKo Duisburg, MD 349
12. Mai 2011, 15:00 Uhr Prof. Dr. Wayne L. Gladfelter, CSE Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA Early Events in Nanoparticle-based Solar Cells: Excited State Charge Transfer from Organic and Dyes to ZnO Nanoparticles GeKo Duisburg, MD 245
05. Mai 2011, 16:00 Uhr c.t. Prof. Dr.Wolfgang Kuch, Freie Universität Berlin Magnetic properties of antiferromagnetic/ferromagnetic thin film systems and paramagnetic molecules adsorbed on ferromagnetic thin films Sem Bochum, NB 4/158
14. April 2011, 16:00 Uhr c.t. Dr. Guido Meier, Institute of Applied Physicy University of Hamburg Time Resolved Imaging of Magnetization Dynamics on the Nanoscale Sem Bochum, NB 4/158
Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011, 16:00 Uhr c.t. Dr. Axel Hoffmann, Argonne National Laboratory, USA Pure Spin Currents: Discharging Spintronics GeKo Bochum, NB 4/158
Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011, 16.00 Uhr c.t. Prof. Dr. H.-J. Elmers, Universität Mainz Interplay of structure, magnetism and electronic states in ferromagnetic half-metal and shape memory Heusler alloys Sem Bochum, NB 4/158
Sem: Seminar
Kol: Kolloquium
GeKo: Gemeinsames Kolloquium