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Seminare im Jahr 2002
Datum Sprecher Title Type Ort
13.12.2002 Dr. C. Dimitropoulos (EPF Lausanne, Schweiz) NMR Stufy of Inhomogeneous Phases in CMR Manganites Sem Bo
12.12.2002 Dr. H. Brückl (Experimentelle Festkörperphysik, Nano Device Group, Universität Bielefeld) Magnetoresistive Tunnelelemente Sem Bo
03.12.2002 Dr. V. Kambersky (Institut of Physics, ASCR, Praha, Czech Republic) Spin-orbital Gilbert damping in common magnetic metals Sem Bo
28.11.2002 Dr. C. H. Kant (Dept. of Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands) Origin of spin polarized decay in point contact Andreev reflection Sem Bo
18.07.2002 Dr. Frank Schreiber (Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford, England) Towards inorganic-organic heterostructures Sem Bo
16.07.2002 Dr. U. Köbler (IFF, FZ Jülich) Experimentelle Evidenzen gegen die Gültigkeit der klassischen Spinwellentheorie Sem Bo
12.07.2002 Prof. S. A. Nikitov (Institute of Radioengineering & Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) Microwave and Magneto-Optic Properties of Magnonic and Magneto-Photonic Crystals Sem Bo
27.06.2002 Dr. Helmut Fritsche (HMI Berlin) Off-specular polarized neutron reflectometry from a periodic array of magnetic dots Sem Bo
07.06.2002 Prof. Zdenek Frait (Academy of Science, Prag) Cobalt and iron based ferromagnetic nanosystems as studied by ferromagnetic resonance Sem Bo
06.06.2002 Dr. Jeff McCord (IFW Dresden) Domains and hysteresis in structured magnetic films Sem Bo
06.06.2002 Prof. Vladimir Kaganer (Paul-Drude-Institute für Solid State Electronics, Berlin) Real-time synchrotron x-ray diffraction study of layer-by-layer GaAs(001) growth Sem Du
21.03.2002 Dipl.-Phys. Kathy Lüdge (TU Berlin) Interface formation during Co growth on GaAs(001) Sem Bo
28.02.2002 Dr. Michael Huth (Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) Magnetisierungs- und Vortexdynamik in dünnen Schichten auf facettierten Oberflächen Sem Bo
21.02.2002 Dr. Boris Toperverg (FZ Jülich) Lateral magnetic patterns in thin films and layered superstructures: polarized neutron off-specular scattering Sem Bo
07.02.2002 Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger (RWTH Aachen) Spin dependent transport phenomena: materilas, magnetoresistance, and applications Sem Bo
Sem: Seminar
Kol: Kolloquium
GeKo: Gemeinsames Kolloquium